World of Quests Reference
published: Mar 15, 2018 | last modified: Jul 18, 2018
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An aspect is a piece of fiction that differentiates your character.

A domain is a grouping of zero or more aspects.

The name or description should be evocative and fiction appropriate.

A rating is a potential and a mastery.

Levels of Success

Level Description
Yes, and success with added benefit
Yes success
Yes, but success at a cost
No, but mitigated failure/complications
No failure
No, and disaster

When you create a character, do the following.

Who are you?

Where were you raised?

How do you make a living?

What are you passionate about?

Why are you not perfect?

Determine each aspect’s rating.

Buy your stuff.

When you do something risky or uncertain:

Determine an appropriate aspect and any modifiers.

roll+potential to determine the level of success.

Apply masteries to the level of success.

Update the fiction.

Mark the aspect used for possible advancement.

When you give harm, the GM will note it to the opposition.

If the fiction and GM agree, a debility may be applied rather than harm.

When you receive harm, mark an aspect as harmed.

The GM may give you a debility rather than harm.

When you have time to rest and reflect, all harmed aspects are recovered.

When you meet in-fiction conditions to clear a debility, do so.

If the debility and fiction demand, add an aspect to your character.

When you acquire stuff, if possible, abstract the stuff to bins.

Examples are ammo, adventuring gear, wealth, and lore.

At the end of a session the player may advance used aspects.

Spend 1 XP to:

Spend (potential + mastery + 1) XP to:

When complete, remove all used marks on aspects.