published: Mar 26, 2018 | last modified: Mar 26, 2018
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Ironsworn — a dark, low magic, fantasy setting, where vows sworn on iron are as important as life and death. A system that supports solo, GM-less, and normal GM guided play.

It’s free, has a Google Plus community devoted to it, and though it is not “finished” (from the title page of the core book):

This Ironsworn rulebook is nearing completion, but is still a work-in-progress. Please excuse the rough edges.

it is beautiful, a nice and comfortable layout, and it includes a working index! The currently available materials are:

And together are a complete and playable system with an evocative setting and system roots in PbtA.

Since my roleplaying is limited at the moment, I may try some solo-Ironsworn action.

[Note: G+ is dead as of April 2019; Go to the Ironsworn website for details on where the community has migrated.]

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