Chemo Session Two
published: Mar 17, 2018 | last modified: Mar 17, 2018
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I completed chemo session two yesterday. Overall better than session one. Also had a checkup appointment with the ostomy department.

The ostomy is doing great, some small modifications to equipment that may help in minimizing or eliminating blowouts, and a belt to hold things more secure during sleep. Apparently I am doing things right; the stoma and the skin around the stoma are looking healthy. No more appointments unless I ask for it.

As for chemo, accessing the port was just a stick, and then no more sticks for blood work, treatment, anything. That was kind of nice. The infusion went uneventful, and the same side effects began right near the end like last time — tingling needles of pain in the fingers and toes when exposed to cold, and a bit of throat constriction when drinking cold (or even cool) liquids.

After we got home, I noted what might be a new side effect. I had it somewhat after the previous treatment, but it is real strong now. When I take that first bite of something, or that first drink of something other than coffee and water, the hinge of my jaw on both sides gets a sharp ache in the area of a 6 immediately, and after about 5 seconds, tapers off to nothing. And it is only the first mouthful. Continued eating and drinking have no effect. If I wait a half an hour, and have a bit more, I feel it again, though not as strong. Anything more than an hour though, and it hits at full force. And this does not appear to be related to the temperature.

Feeling pretty good today. Slept in and lolly-gagged a bit this morning, but I am going to head to work to bank about 4 hours since I am not overly tired or nauseous.

Might be too early, especially since I am still taking in chemo through the pump for the next 24+ hours, but this chemo was much milder than the last one. As such, I attribute much of the exacerbated conditions from the last treatment to getting the port on the same day. Time will tell.

Probably the most difficult thing about the treatment day is the trip. Up at 0500, on the road by 0600 to make an 0900 appointment. Out by noon heading home, and home around 1500-1600. Makes for a long day. I usually drive to Portland, and Julie drives back. Which sucks for her, as the traffic is easily quadruple in the afternoon as compared to the morning outside of Portland.

The nice thing is we took the truck on this trip. Seats are more comfortable, and it gives Julies car a break (already due for another oil change, all the trips to Portland are really burning through the miles).

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