West Marches Series Introduction
published: Feb 26, 2018 | last modified: Feb 26, 2018
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I am really missing my gaming group. Living in the boonies with no internet connection to speak of is keeping me isolated when it comes to roleplaying.

There is some good news (maybe): cable is slowly making its way out to my area. Once here I would then be able to get online for gaming.

Meanwhile, I am really itching to run a West Marches style campaign. A nod to the old hex crawl type of gaming done back in the beginning, but using what we have learned and developed for modern roleplaying systems.

To understand what a West Marches campaign is, read the originating source from the horse’s mouth at ars ludi. Conceived by Ben Robbins, many have taken his beginnings and developed further refinements. Make sure you visit the bottom of that page, as Ben expands on specific concepts on the other pages in the series.

Further inspiration for the rules/guidelines (a post in the future) come from lots of light reading on the internet and specifically the following references.

The next post in this series will be my preliminary rules for a West Marches campaign.

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