Prime Rib for Christmas
published: Dec 24, 2017 | last modified: Dec 24, 2017
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Julie and I decided to do Prime Rib for Christmas this year — give the smoker a real workout!

Actually, it wasn’t “prime” rib. Many that shop for beef ribs look for prime rib thinking it is a cut of meat. It isn’t. It is a grade of meat. Regular beef ribs have little marbling, choice beef ribs have good marbling, and prime beef ribs have great marbling. I needed a rack of 7+ ribs to feed all the guests. Though Julie and I splurged on the ribs, prime was just too splurgy. As it was the choice rack cost $170, and I didn’t want to pay the greater-than $220 price tag for prime. Maybe next year.

As it was, the beef ribs were fantastic!

Here they are scored.


And here they are rubbed. Used Traeger’s Prime Rib Rub.


And here they are ready to divide and conquer!

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