Phase One Results
published: Nov 18, 2017 | last modified: Nov 18, 2017
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Met with Dr. Lu (surgeon) and spoke with Dr. Nima (radiology); results are in for phase one and look good.

Julie and I took another trip to Portland and met with Dr. Lu for a follow-up to phase one and a surgical consult. This was a two day trip as I had to have a CT Scan and MRI before seeing Dr. Lu.

Dr. Lu says everything looks good, the tumor has shrunk as expected and he would like to schedule the surgery for January 5th. Julie and I are just fine with that — allows us to enjoy the holidays and allows me to use my next years’ allotment of sick and holiday time so I can get paid while in surgery and recovering. The extra time will also allow the radiation and chemo to completely run their course.

The PICC area is finally getting back to normal. Still some splotchyness, but mostly cleared up. This is one of the concerns Julie and I brought up to Dr. Lu with respect to the colostomy bag. He said we would address that at the time, and there are many options to help with any allergies to the materials.

A couple of days after speaking with Dr. Lu, Dr. Nima called to check up on me. He also mentioned that the two spots on my liver are still there; therefore they are benign (non-cancerous) as the chemo had no effect on them.

The last appointment this year will be December 14th. Julie and I go to Portland to meet the anesthesiologist, talk about preparation for the surgery, and any other last minute things before the big day.

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