The Enchanter
published: Nov 6, 2017 | last modified: Nov 6, 2017
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I am currently infatuated with the Enchanter class.

Normally I am all about the Bard class in EverQuest. But recently, after much reading and watching lots of Project 1999 videos, the Enchanter may be my new favorite. Have finally gotten on the server, and I have a couple of characters — one is, of course, a Bard, but the other is an Enchanter. Only levels 5 and 7 respectively, but its a start.

The GMs online are awesome! Zoning from East Freeport to Ocean of Tears, there was a lag spike or something. Found myself boat-less and swimming (not too well though - swimming skill was only 1 from priming at the trainer). In short, I drowned.

I petitioned the one GM on at the time, gave a concise explanation of the situation, and asked if it was possible to pull my corpse onto land somewhere. Next time I logged in my corpse and myself were both just inside the Common Lands outside of West Freeport.

I am so thankful, as the only plan of action I had otherwise was to zone again from EF to OoT, and as soon as I zoned, start spamming the /corpse command and hope it caught. Not that it would help, but I do have my 4th circle song Lyssa’s Locating Lyric.

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