The Kids Come To Visit
published: Oct 1, 2017 | last modified: Oct 1, 2017
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The first week of treatment is complete. No significant symptoms yet (knock on wood), the kids come to visit, and the situation hits home.

The first week of treatment is complete!

Last Wednesday Jamie came over to the RV for dinner. It was great seeing her and Julie and hope she is able to do this often during my stay here. We had spaghetti that night prepared in our gourmet kitchen:

Preparing Spaghetti

And on Sunday, Micheal, Sara, and Onyx came by for breakfast. They were heading to Lincoln City for the kite festival and stopped by on the say to say hi. This was a great little visit and it was great to see the kids.

Treatment week one of six is complete (four actual business days). Reflecting on our future, it really hit me this week how life changing this event is. Though Julie and I (and the army of doctors, nurses, family, friends, and other support behind us) are confident we will beat this, we also have to accept that for the rest of my life I will be closely monitoring and half expecting a return of cancer.

Here is a little video of PICC line maintenance:

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