published: Oct 22, 2017 | last modified: Oct 22, 2017
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Not sure I could make it through this without Julie.

There haven’t been any posts in a bit — just taking it one day at a time, working remotely during the day and watching DVDs in the evening, making sure I am always close to a bathroom.

Julie is the real hero of this story. I don’t have to do anything but follow directions and make my self available. Meanwhile, Julie is leaving Eugene after work on Wednesday, driving to Vancouver WA to be here for appointments on Thursday and help with the care and feeding of the chemo pump, takes care of me through the weekend, and heads back to Eugene on Monday.

She can’t stay because she still has to work on at least Tuesday and Wednesday (and sometimes she needs to stay and work on Thursday and Friday). Besides the day-to-day business and drama of the park, there is laundry, groceries, the furry kids, urgent mail, and unusual visitors to the house to contend with. With the huge help of Sara and Bill, she keeps the house together. And then she prepares to come back up to Vancouver to take care of me. Keep in mind Julie does not like driving in or through Portland at all!

All of this and no complaints. I so deeply love my wife.

As a side note, I finished the first six seasons of Game of Thrones. Julie gave the six season set box to me for my birthday. I held off viewing them until this treatment to give me something to do in the evenings Julie was not here. Of course, much was left out as compared to the books, and rightfully so. George R R Martin puts so much detail in his writing that you can taste the dirt and smell the blood. A bit much for some that are not into such detail, but I loved it. However, it wouldn’t transfer to the screen, and the younger audience today (read, short attention spans) would not tolerate it. The thing that does come through on the screen, which is genius and probably a BIG attraction to all audiences, is not being afraid of axing anyone in his stories — I love it and hate it as the same time; great storytelling.

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