Great GM Advice
published: Aug 29, 2017 | last modified: Aug 29, 2017
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Just listened to episode 455 of Fear the Boot - negative space podcast. Pulled a few things from it to add to GM advice and principles for Dungeon World.

I know, “You are just now listening to 455!?!” I have many podcasts I listen to, and little time to listen. However, I am slowly catching up to the backlog.

Guest Ryan on the show gave some great distilled advice for GMs in general, and it immediately clicked as slotting right in with the agendas and principles for Dungeon World (PbtA in general probably). So here is Ryan’s GMing advice in four sentences:

Though the spirit of each of these might be captured in several of the existing principles, after listening to the podcast, I will be listing these with the existing agendas and principles.

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