The Gryphon Alliance
published: Dec 21, 2016 | last modified: Dec 21, 2016
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A guild in EverQuest on The Seventh Hammer server. Our pride and joy, and an attempt (probably one of many) to create a cohesive and meaningful “family” in the game. This post is a collection of material that was available on the guild website, short-lived that it was.


The charter for the guild was implemented in rainbow gradients in order represent the diversity we encouraged in the guild. The original gradient support was JavaScript. As this is a minimal static site, and my personal goal to use little or no JavaScript (see Version 1.0 is ready to go live), I implemented the gradient code in C# and processed the text to a shortcode for the post.

There are actually two “charters” here, the first is the original from the Gryphon Alliance website. The second is a reworking of that charter (created a couple years after the site was taken down) to something I felt was more general and meaningful.

W e   c a m e   f r o m   d i s p a r a t e   b a c k g r o u n d s   . . .
F r o m   a l l   t h e   m a n y   l a n d s   o f   N o r r a t h ,
a n d   f o l l o w i n g   t h e   e n t i r e   p a n t h e o n   o f   G o d s ,   o r   n o n e   a t   a l l ,
w e r e   o u r   m e m b e r s   f i r s t   b r o u g h t   t o g e t h e r .
D e s p i t e   t h i s   d i v e r s i t y ,   a   c o m m o n   t h r e a d   w a r p s   i t s   w a y   t h r o u g h   o u t ;
w e a k   p e r h a p s   b y   i t s e l f ,
b u t   w h e n   c o m b i n e d   u p o n   t h e   L o o m   o f   F a t e   w i t h   o t h e r s   w h o   s h a r e   t h e   s a m e   b e l i e f s ,
f o r m i n g   a   w h o l e   c l o t h   t h a t   c a n   n e v e r   b e   t o r n .
I t   i s   n o t   t h e   c o l o r   o f   o n e ´ s   s k i n ,
n o r   t h e   s t r e n g t h   o f   o n e ´ s   a r m   t h a t   f o r g e s   t h e   s h a r p e s t   b l a d e ;
i n s t e a d   o n e   l o o k s   t o   a   c o m b i n a t i o n   o f   s k i l l s   a n d   a n   u n s w e r v i n g   d e v o t i o n   t o   e a c h ,
t h a t   p r o d u c e s   a   w e a p o n   t h a t   w i l l   r i n g   f o r   t h e   a g e s !
S u c h   a   j o i n i n g   o f   w i l l   a n d   e f f o r t   h a d   s e e m e d   u n a t t a i n a b l e .
E a c h   h a d   w a l k e d   a   s o l i t a r y   p a t h ,
o r   p e r h a p s   l o n g e d   f o r   w h a t   s o   m a n y   c l a i m ,   b u t   f e w   a t t a i n .
W e   p l a c e   s e r v i c e   t o   e a c h   o t h e r   a b o v e   a l l   t h i n g s .
T h e   b u r d e n   o f   a d v e r s i t y   n e e d   n e v e r   b e   b o r n e   a l o n e   a s   a   m e m b e r   o f   t h e
G r y p h o n   A l l i a n c e

W e   c o m e   f r o m   d i s p a r a t e   b a c k g r o u n d s .
F r o m   t h e   m a n y   l a n d s   o f   N o r r a t h ,   w e   a s s e m b l e .
D e s p i t e   o u r   d i v e r s i t y ,   a   c o m m o n   v i s i o n   i s   s h a r e d .
B e c a u s e   o f   o u r   d i v e r s i t y ,   a s   a   w h o l e   w e   w i l l   n o t   b e   s u n d e r e d .
I t   I S   N O T   t h e   c o l o r   o f   o n e ´ s   s k i n ,
o r   t h e   s t r e n g t h   o f   o n e ´ s   a r m ,
t h a t   f o r g e s   t h e   s h a r p e s t   b l a d e .
I t   I S   o u r   g a t h e r e d   t a l e n t s ,
a n d   u n s w e r v i n g   d e v o t i o n   t o   e a c h   o t h e r ,
t h a t   f o r g e s   a n   e d g e   t h a t   h o l d s   t r u e .
E a c h   h a d   w a l k e d   a   s o l i t a r y   p a t h ,
b u t   w i t h   s e r v i c e   t o   e a c h   o t h e r   a b o v e   a l l ,
t h e   b u r d e n   o f   a d v e r s i t y   n e e d   n e v e r   b e   b o r n e   a l o n e .
G r y p h o n   A l l i a n c e

Guild Virtues

The virtues the Gryphon Alliance leadership strived to maintain in the guild by example and directive.

Our Virtues

Our members are expected to live by these rules, not so much the letter, but the intent. The council will review a member that is deemed to be a problem player and/or is not following the spirit of the rules. Should the council see the documented act as a violation to the guild’s charter and rules of conduct, the member may be reprimanded and placed on probation by the council. If a member incurs a third probationary offense, or a probationary offense while on probation, that member will be disbanded. The length and conditions of the probationary period shall be determined at the time of assigning said period.

Remember: this is not a democracy but rather a benign dictatorship.


The cultural traditions of the Gryphon Alliance guild. Some serious stuff like guild meetings, but mostly fun stuff like Guild Founding Day and New Member Induction celebrations.

Weddings are listed as we had an in-game wedding! It was quite the celebration.

Our Culture

This is a list of the cultural traditions our guild strives to hold to. These are here for the fun and enjoyment of the guild members - so if you have any suggestions for new traditions, or changes to old traditions, contact a member of the guild council and the suggestion will be reviewed.

Whenever the guild throws a gala on behalf of a member, be it a wedding, a naming ceremony, etc., the individual(s) that are being honored have 100% of the votes as to where and when the celebration takes place.

If I ever have a Dark Elf character, and that character gets married, the wedding will take place in Neriak. Period. I love that city, and would want to have my in-game wedding where I want it to be, not necessarily where it is convenient for the potential attendees.

Now, as a Counsel member, I would attempt to negotiate with a list of pros and cons to the where and when, but the final decision is made by the individual(s) being honored.

Lastly, there are two categories of celebrations: one open to all citizens of Norrath, and one for guild members only. If a gala is designated as guild members only, then all attendees should communicate during and for the celebration in guild chat only. That keeps it more cozy as well as shares the celebration with those that couldn’t attend but are online.

Guild Founding Day
This is our guilds birthday - in Norrath time. However, since we have other things to do than party all the time (we would end up having a party 18 times a year), we have decided to celebrate our founding with a monthly party on the same day we have our guild meetings. Do a little business and a whole lot of socializing.

The guild meeting is for guild members only and usually held in an on-the-fly chat room. The party following the meeting is held in a pub in Norrath in character. Anyone and everyone is invited to drop by, socialize, and maybe learn something of the guild.

New Member Induction
We are picky (refer to the FAQ) when it comes to new members. So when we find a citizen of Norrath that meets with our high standards of membership, we have a bit of a to-do about it. There is usually some gift giving and merrymaking. This is both a solemn and joyous event for our guild. We take our membership seriously.
Monthly Meetings
We try and maintain a tight-knit guild - almost like family. To do this, we need to have a forum in which we can all communicate openly with each other and privately as a guild. These meetings are what is used to drive the guild in new and different directions.

If what you get is free, it’s probably worth about that. We want the members of the guild to put a bit more than time into it. This way the members can demand real value from the guild. For this reason there are guild dues, payable during or before the social after the meeting. The dues rate is half your current level in platinum, rounded down. This cash is used to fund things for both the guild as a whole (offset some of our party expenses) and guild members (paying for that exp res when in a hell level).

Naming Ceremony
The taking on of a surname is significant. It shows everyone in Norrath the high level of achievement you have made. So to congratulate the individual we throw a bit of a party. Usually the Named member chooses the place and everyone else brings the refreshments.
Quests to the guild represent everything from the achievement of a personal goal (like getting revenge on Gix), a Norrath goal, (getting that last component necessary to complete a piece of your class armor), or a guild goal (cleaning out and holding all three levels of Befallen).

The Quests that would be listed as guild events are usually pre-planned, well thought out and researched. All possible preparations that can be completed prior to the event are done. Some of the events may be limited to just a few members of the guild, such as hunting in Mistmoor (there are certain things even a 20th level shouldn’t do).

Though rare in the fast-paced and often deadly environs of Norrath, love of the heart does occasionally blossom. When it does, and at least one of the two consenting individuals are of our Guild, we offer our congratulations by assisting in any way possible to make this a joyous occasion for the couple.


Our guild library wasn’t very big, partly because of the quality we demanded of the content, but also the guild website had not lived long before the guild evaporated (the guild existed for over a year before the website was built — sometimes I wonder how we held it together without).

Though I have the content and web pages for the mentioned library items, they are in no condition to present here. All content at the time was built with FrontPage.


WARNING: Many of the pages from here are handcrafted by a weaver of HTML. As such, these pages were created for best viewing with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Sorry.

Note: I try and create all content on the site with the intent of allowing those browsing the site to download the various guides. This is done by embedding a lot of stuff on the pages so hopefully you only need the one page. The Journal however is not friendly that way as it is actually an engine that presents the journals from a database.

The Journals

In which the Gryphon Alliance carefully guards the hopes and dreams of its members. It would be greatly appreciated if any issues with the operation of the pages within these journals be brought to the attention of Atwana Lassarina.

Armor Statistics

Yes — another guide to armor sets. However, this one is probably a lot more complete than most, and presents itself in a very friendly way. Any questions or corrections may be sent to Rydr Litebringer or Atwana Lassarina. As with the Journal, it would be greatly appreciated if any issues with the operation of the Armor Statistics be brought to the attention of Atwana Lassarina. Note: This page falls VERY MUCH under the warning above. It utilizes dynamic HTML and embedded XML.

The Song Matrix

There are many guides to Bard songs on the net. Heres yet another one. However this one is dynamic and will display data in one of three formats, by Song, by Who (target), and by Location (where you can get it). There are some holes in the data and some of the data is incorrect or inaccurate. I will be continuously correcting any anomalies found. As with the Journal, it would be greatly appreciated if any issues with the operation of the Song Matrix be brought to the attention of Atwana Lassarina. Note: This page falls VERY MUCH under the warning above. It utilizes dynamic HTML and embedded XML.

[AR] The Grandmasters Guide to Tailoring

There are a lot of guides on the net to get you up into your hundreds. Heres one from a Master, working to be Grandmaster, on achieving that elusive 200+.

[AR] Velious Armor Gems

A guide to the different Velious Gems, where they can be gotten, and the armor they are used for.


These were the latest looting guidelines the guild enforced. Looting and the tools for managing the process has evolved much since then. Back then it was difficult to enforce any of the concepts and guidelines other than banning certain citizens from either the guild or associating with the guild.

Looting Guidelines

The following is the recommended method to use when grouped and distributing the spoils of the groups efforts. These are of course just a guideline and may be adjusted or tossed depending upon the who you are grouped with and if there is a specific purpose to the group.

The Cool Stuff

If an exceptional item drops (magic, high ticket) and a could be used by an individual currently in the group, to either replace an existing item or directly add to their inventory, resulting in a more effective character (based on class and race), then that individual should get the item. If more than one individual within the group could use the item to raise character effectiveness, then only those individuals roll to determine which one gets the item.

Whatever the outcome, the individual that received the item may not participate in a roll for another item, even if the item would be especially appropriate for that character, until all other members of the group have received a Cool Stuff item. Once all group members have received a Cool Stuff item then we start over with everyone getting a chance to roll for the next Cool Stuff that drops.

If a more appropriate item drops for someone that has already received a Cool Stuff item, and therefore is not eligible for this more appropriate item, the party member receiving the new item is in no way obligated to sell/barter the new Cool Stuff to the individual it would be more appropriate for. It is theirs to do with as they please.

Again, this is just a guideline. But this guideline ensures that everyone gets their share of the loot, even Cool Stuff, with no arguments or bad feelings between group members.

As a final note. The group referred to here is the two to six members of the active questing force. Just because you have an alternate character or a friend elsewhere in the game that could really use the current Cool Stuff being rolled for, does not mean you automatically get the item for the non-group individual. If you want the item for the non-group individual then you must trust to the deities of Norrath and win the roll, or buy/barter for the item after the roll is complete. In other words, the need for the current Cool Stuff item is based on those that killed the beast to obtain the item, not your buddies or alts.

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