EQ Bardic Works
published: Dec 20, 2016 | last modified: Dec 20, 2016
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Compositions created as a bard in EverQuest.

Written in 2000; a general observation of life.

Many stories have been spoken,
Of the past and future left.
Of these a tangled tale is woven,
Laid to rest in warp and weft.

The Tapestry in The Loom

Written in 2001 for a pair of EverQuest guild-mates — and good friends — in the Gryphon Alliance.

Wulfe and Senornie
A Wedding Tribute

As Wedding Rings this day are given,
So too do vows of love play a role.
Though separate are the rings thus riven,
Bound are they through forge and soul.

Senornie and Wulfe, as the rings, are two,
This day they form a one link chain.
Binding those who keep hearts true,
‘Til only death does rent it twain.

Today so record in Norrathian Lore,
Let it be known both near and far.
These souls are one forevermore,
Blessed be they, Tribunal and Marr.

Written in 2001 while adventuring in Rivervale. I was inspired by the rain that day.

I love the rain.

Not only to sing and dance in, but as a teacher. All things in the world have something to teach, and the rain is especially good at it.

A single raindrop landing upon the surface of a puddle creates perfect rings, travelling out, ever expanding, slowly dying. Pure with perfect circles in its singularity. Lonely.

An individual in Norrath has but themselves to concern. They demand self-perfection and have only self-sacrifice. They travel where they wish, seeing all and speaking with none. Lonely.

Many raindrops upon the surface of a puddle creates a small world of chaos, but looking closer one sees the patterns, the order. Each interacts with the others. Some interactions are strong, the interaction itself creating more chaos, more patterns, more order. Some interactions are weak, having little or no effect. At least alone. The weak, though, occasionally add and become strong, and the sum does itself add to the chaos, the pattern, the order.

Many individuals interacting with each other creates contacts, acquaintances, friends, lovers, rivals, enemies. And the different flavors of interaction with the others, all others, can change. And those changes themselves causing further interactions. The combining of talents and lore of several into one, of many into guild, results in a whole that is greater than any individual, and a recognized influence amongst all.

All of Norrath could be understood if we just apply what the rain has to teach.

However, only the deities themselves are capable of comprehending, capable of knowing, all the raindrops, all the individuals, and how they all interact with each other, and the harmonics of those interactions.

And that is why I sing and dance in the rain, though occasionally I stop to ponder upon a puddle.

The rain has much to teach.

A little ditty inspired by the environs around Rivervale. Written in 2001.

Shifty Gunrich, comes a skulkin,
Freind to us, though Goblin be.
Quietly comes Niki a joppin,
Goblin secrets did Gunrich free.

knock knock TOOT TOOT
Play a Knuckleberry Flute

Ole Mooto, he comes a stalkin,
Lookin for a spirit to slave.
Yonder comes Niki a boppin,
And Mooto says “Hello” to his grave.

knock knock TOOT TOOT
Play a Knuckleberry Flute

The Goblin King, he comes a knockin,
Lookin for a halfling treat.
Suddenly comes Niki a hoppin,
And with a toot, the King he beat.

knock knock TOOT TOOT
Play a Knuckleberry Flute

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