2016 Thanksgiving
published: Nov 30, 2016 | last modified: Nov 30, 2016
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Mixed in with visiting and catching up, I was sick for 2 days with some kind of stomach thing (seemed to travel around to several other of our relations during our stay), a really long layover in Portland, a wedding (which I missed because of the aforementioned downtime), and a fantastic gathering and feast with family and friends. A lot to pack into 8 days.

Didn’t get to visit everyone we wanted to, but Julie and I did visit around a bunch with everyone we could within 150 miles of Boise, and the visits were great. I also had a chance to play some board games (7 Wonders!) with my old gaming group.

Lots of things had changed since we last visited, but a lot of things also remained the same. Overall everyone is doing well. Several in my old gaming group are willing to try out online gaming (probably over Roll20) and if so, I will be forcing the issue and GM some Dungeon World.

Overall, Julie and I are very thankful for family and friends in Idaho and miss them terribly. We are also thankful to be home again.

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